RegroupConnect™ for Healthcare Organizations

The RegroupConnect platform is available to healthcare organizations that partner with InSight + Regroup to provide telebehavioral health services to their patient population. RegroupConnect is not a standalone solution or platform that is accessible to private practices and independent behavioral health professionals.

Why Psychiatrists Prefer InSight + Regroup

Serve the Underserved

Many of the patients you will help will have had very limited access to behavioral health services. You get to deliver help where it has the most impact.


Practice as if you were physically present, ensuring continuity of care, care team integration, and EHR access.


Tailor work to your own lifestyle by having a flexible work schedule and a supportive work environment. Save time by cutting out your commute and working from home.

Focus on
Clinical Care

You’re not at risk for no-shows, or responsible for any administrative overhead. We credential you with your assigned health care facility, and they take care of the billing and insurance processing. Your sole focus is on providing patient care.

How Does Integrated Telepsychiatry Work?

Our clinicians are fully integrated into the healthcare facilities that they are assigned to. This means that our clinicians are embedded within a specific healthcare treatment team, and become part of that team, utilizing a collaborative care approach. Our clinicians are assigned to the same facility each week, utilizing that facility’s electronic health record (EHR) system and electronic prescribing system. By taking an integrated care approach, we create continuity of care to improve patient outcomes.

How To Get Started as a InSight + Regroup Clinician

Do I need to have experience in Telepsychiatry?

No, InSight + Regroup provides Telepsychiatry training. We have a rigorous interviewing and credentialing process that ensures only the highest quality Clinicians join our team. We verify that they meet the specific needs of our partners’ patient populations.

How am I paid?

Clinicians are paid either by the hour (1099) or on a salaried basis (W2), depending on your scheduling preferences. You are paid for your scheduled hours even if the patient misses a session. You are paid for your time per hour scheduled, not per patient. InSight + Regroup’s partners take care of all insurance reimbursements.

What will my hours be?

InSight + Regroup can find you a clinical assignment for a minimum of 8 hours per week up to full-time, based on your preferences. Once you are assigned a given block of time the assignment would remain consistent each week (with breaks for vacation and holidays).

Learn more about Telepsychiatry through the publications of our Medical Director

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